Location 5741 Kétegyháza, Zrínyi u. 17
Accessibility From Budapest: M5 and road 451.
Floor area   28762 m2
Storage capacity 33 000 tons
Flat storage facilities 7
Goods handling road, railway
Crop drying/cleaning  yes
Weigh bridge yes
Capacity 15 tons / hour
Services warehousing, crop drying and cleaning

Hunland Food Ltd. provides a modern environment for logistics which perfectly suits international norms. The proximity of highway road connections as well as the available 300-meter long industrial railway make transportation via road or railway possible. The 29 000 m2 warehouse complex consists of 7 flat storage facilities with a head room of 3,5-4 meter allowing the storage of 33 000 tons of crops and other bulk products. The warehouses can be reached on a concrete road system which is suitable for lorry traffic. The loading and unloading of crops and other goods is done by heavy-duty mobile equipment. To satisfy the drying need of crops during the harvest season, a heavy-duty crop-drying and crop-cleaning Optirak facility is used with nominal capacities of 15 metric tons an hour respectively. Our company is BÜHG and ISCC certified.

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