With the products processed by our company our primarily aim is the export markets. Besides domestic and regional relations we have stable international, Western European and overseas business relationships. The main focus of our export activities are walnut kernel and blue poppy seeds.


On the Hungarian market our finished product trading activities are prevalent and we mainly focus on the distribution of staple food which is mostly sold to multinational firms. Our company is active in the retail business also delivering - together with our subcontractor network - our ice cream product range to more than 3000 retail sales points.


We are able to pack products in wide-range of quality and size of packaging - from retail sizes to bulk. We are also ready to develop and manage private label products.
Procurement/Product development

Within our company we set up an independent business branch (primarily to attend on our foreign partners) which is specialized in finding the right product and the right production facilities according to our Partner’s proper needs - taking into consideration the quantity and quality, and service level parameters. In this field we mainly focus on Hungarian and Central and Eastern European products and companies. Our success is based on the personal and stable business connections of our team, several years of industry experience and the know-how accumulated within our company. Our service ranges from simple bulk sales to classic product development. We insist on diversifying our suppliers in order that we can guarantee the best price and the best quality to our Partners that live up to their expectations and the actual market situation.


Thanks to our long farming relationships and background, besides the above products we complement our portfolio with further agricultural products (e.g. sunflower seed, pumpkin seed, mustard seed, sorghum, corn, barley, leguminous plant, wheat, etc.). The wheat procurement and sales network is a separate business branch among our activities.
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